Jump Approach

The Jump team has been developing successful business solutions for over 15 years. We ensure that while achieving your business objectives, relationships are improved and individuals are empowered.

Jump uses a practical project management approach to work alongside clients to:

This approach involves consultation, communication, and the development of clear measures for deliverables. This ensures that the programme "fits" with your current and future direction, culture, philosophy and policy.

Jump provides an emphasis on practical skill development based on proven theoretical methodologies. We are recognised for our ability to create meaningful learning experiences that influence changes in individual behaviour and organisational culture. We are also recognised for delivering workshops that are both fun and challenging.

In general, Jump uses an experiential learning model that involves 5 stages:

  1. Experiencing (Activity, 'Doing')
  2. Publishing (Sharing reactions and observations)
  3. Processing (Discussion of Patterns and Dynamics)
  4. Generalising (Inferring Principles about the 'Real World')
  5. Applying (Planning for More Effective Behaviour)

Our experiential approach to learning involves a balance between thought/feeling/action to ensure the integration of skills, knowledge and attitudes. Participants are provided experiences that enable them to develop confidence and commitment to new skills and processes.

Adult learning principles are applied. Learning outcomes are stated at the commencement of each stage, and skill and knowledge transfer is assessed upon completion via self/peer/trainer feedback.This method is highly successful in developing skills, since participants are required to demonstrate their competence in each component skill as a pre-requisite to progression through each module of learning.

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