Business Systems and Processes

A system is an interconnected set of processes, and a process is a set of activities that produce products or services (results). Taking control of your business involves developing and maintaining efficient, workable and reliable systems and processes to ensure your business reaches its goals.

Jump Business Solutions will assist you to develop effective and workable business systems and processes in the following areas:

Operational Processes

These are the processes that deliver the customer value. Core business processes allow the various elements of your business to link its activities to the delivery of value to the market.

Enabling Processes

Enabling processes provide their service to core processes, or internal customers. They provide the inputs, information and resources that "enable" the core processes to deliver value to external customers.

If poorly performed, enabling processes can "disable" the core processes from being successful. These are the critical business activities that are required for an organisation to operate, sustain and continually improve.

Jump Business Solutions works with clients to:

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