What does my Business have to Comply With?

Assess how Well your Business Complies

Below is a list of the relevant statutes that apply to New Zealand Businesses. Please note this is not a comprehensive list, it is only designed to give a general overview of requirements for New Zealand Businesses

Consumer Laws

These are administered by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs


There are city or district council bylaws that you will have to comply with. Contact your local district and regional council.

Building Laws

New Zealand's main systems for governing building work (collectively known as ‘building controls’) are the:

All building work must comply with the Building Code.

Company Laws

Acts under which bodies corporate are incorporated or registered

Acts regulating financial reporting, prospectuses, superannuation and takeovers

Employment-Related Laws

Energy Safety Laws

Food Regulations

All food for sale in NZ must comply with the

Miscellaneous Business Laws

Businesses need to comply with the:

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