How do I Create a Safety Culture?

Assess your Safety Culture

What is Safety Culture?

The culture of an organisation has a direct impact on the behaviours of employees and supervisors. Safety culture and organisational culture are inseparable as they involve common work processes and organisational factors.

There are four elements to any successful safety culture (or culture) and each of these elements must be aligned and interacting effectively:

Production and quality depend on the same elements. Ė Safe operations are usually efficient operations.

So, how do you create a successful safety culture?

Systems and processes need to be targeted towards practical and effective safety management. These systems and processes include the policies, procedures, organisational structure (including roles and responsibilities), and working conditions.

The skills and knowledge of the people working within the organisation must be such that they are aware of the possible risks associated with their activities and how to remedy them.

The behaviours of the people within your business need to be directed towards safety goals and have a focus on safety in every activity. This includes following procedures, questioning when things donít seem right, stopping when they are unsure and effective communications.

The people within your business need to perceive that the business has a strong commitment to safety and there is a high level of management respect for a good safety attitude, which is evidenced in staff selection and promotion. The management style needs to be democratic, cooperative, participative and humane.

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