How do I Identify and Manage Hazards?

Assess the Effectiveness of your Hazard Identification and Management System

The identification, assessment and control of hazards is a key health and safety activity.

Hazards are present around the tasks that people perform, the plant, equipment and chemicals that people use and the locations that people work. You need to systematically identify all the hazards in your workplace, determine if they are significant and if they are, put in place control measures to eliminate or minimise the risk of harm.

Three effective ways to systematically identify existing hazards are:

All employees need to have the opportunity to be fully involved in the hazard identification processes.

The comprehensive identification of hazards is the starting point and basis for preventing accidents, whether they result in harm to people, damage to equipment or disruption to the work process.

Once a significant hazard has been identified all practicable steps must be taken to eliminate, isolate or minimise the hazard.

If it is impractical to eliminate or isolate the hazard, managers should look to minimise the effects of the hazard.

All employees need to have the opportunity to be fully involved in hazard identification and management processes.

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