Need Help with an OSH Investigation?

Assess your OSH Investigation Preparedness

The best way to avoid an OSH investigation is to implement an effective and practical health and safety system

When will OSH Conduct an Investigation?

OSH health and safety inspectors investigate the following events:

What will OSH Do?

An OSH Inspector can:

The Inspector may take 1 of 7 actions:

Employer and Employee Rights

It is important co-operate with the OSH Inspector and ensure that employees are aware of their rights.

Employees also need to be mindful that they should only discuss facts within their area of responsibility, role and work activity.

The Injured Persons Privacy and OSH

All serious harm accidents must be notified to OSH under the Health and Safety in Employment Act in the prescribed format, which includes personal information about the employee(s) involved. Section 7 of the the Privacy Act allows personal information to be provided if it is prescribed by other legislation.

Always let the employee know that the accident, including personal information has been notified to OSH.

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