How do I Write Effective Policies and Procedures?

Assess your current policies and procedures

What Should be in a Policy?

In general policies contain one or more of the following:

How do I Develop Procedures?

There are six phases to developing and implementing procedures:

Audience Analysis


Clarify and check assumptions about the:

Information Sources

What other resources/documents/data can you use? Make sure you:

Schedule, budget and production

Clarify and check the:

Writing the Procedure

All your procedures must follow a standard format e.g. headings in bold, font size 13; steps indented by 1 cm, bulleted, font size 11; etc. If you do have a standard format for your procedures - you will need to develop one and follow it faithfully.

Your procedure should:

Reviewing the Procedure

Set a regular review date for your procedure - the review frequency should be shorter in the eralier stages of implementation.

Readers should always be encouraged “challenge” outdated procedures and call them to the attention of their writers.

As a consequence, rather than combine “policies,” “procedures,” and “guidelines” in a single document, it is recommended that - as a general rule - policies and procedures appear as separate documents.

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