How do I make Training Effective?

Assess the Effectiveness of Your Training

What are the Benefits of Training?

Learning is vital to today's world. Everyone needs to keep up with technological and market changes. Businesses who train their people benefit in the following ways:

How can you make your Training Effective?

Make sure Training is the Problem

Training is NOT Always the Answer! Before you start make sure that training is really the problem.

Set Clear Objectives

Define what success looks like, the behaviors required for success. Establish goals for each training session, and communicate these goals to the participants at the beginning of each session.

Provide a Comfortable Environment

Pay attention to physical concerns such as heat, lighting, sound and seating. Make sure the training room is big enough so that people are not crowded. Provide comfortable seating. Make sure everything is clean and bright. Quality is in the details!

Build on What they Already Know

New learning should be linked to (and build upon) the experiences of the learner.

Recognise Accomplishments at Every Opportunity

Provide opportunities for repeated practice and feedback. Reward and recognise correct behaviour/performance. Use quizzes and scoring, peer feedback activities to recognise and reward successful behaviour.

Create an Active Learning Experience

Create an active learning experience rather than a passive experience. Studies show that interactivity improves attentiveness as much as 88% and retention as much as 27%. You can tell people what they need to know very quickly, but they will forget what you tell them even faster. A number of studies have shown students remember:

Incorporate Variety

Create learning experiences that engage the whole person - Every participant has a particular learning style. Some are visual learners, some learn better by hearing information and some prefer hands-on activities. Use a variety of interactive learning activities, make the training come alive with high participation and energy.

Keep Training Relevant

Use real-life examples and situations to discuss problems and challenges, and practice techniques. All activities, competitions and discussions should be focused on achieving specific learning goals.

Make Training Fun

Laughter and fun speed up the learning process, increase retention, excitement, and participation. When we laugh, we retain more than 80% of the information learned. Laughter is a powerful learning tool. When people are having fun, they are more relaxed. When they are more relaxed, they are more open. When they are more open, they are able to participate and learn without any fear or anxiety.

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