Developing Efficient Systems

What is a System?

A system is an interconnected set of processes, and a process is a set of activities that produce products or services (results or outcomes).

Why have Systems?

Systems help your Profitability

Achieving your business goals depends on how well the interrelated sets of activities and processes that form your business system function. Efficient, workable and reliable systems and processes are the key to ensuring your business' profitability.

Systems set you Free

Efficient systems allow you to spend time working on your business rather than in it. Good systems take some effort to establish, but they free up your time once they're in place.

Systems give you Greater Independence

Good business systems will make your business stronger, more efficient and easier to run. If circumstances prevent you from working in the business for a time - there will be a much smaller impact.

Systems increase your Business Value

Good systems also increases your business value. The simple fact is that because the systems are fully documented, anyone (including a new owner) can come in and work to tried and true processes.

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