I want to Manage Changing Customer Requirements - How do I Go about Doing this?

Assess your Customer Service

Why are Customer Relationships and Service Important?

Customer relationships and customer service drive customer choices. Poor customer services and poor customer relationships drive customers choices elsewhere (to alterative providers).

Who are my Customers?

Suppliers of goods and/or services often tend to focus on the end point of sale to determine who the customer is. However, attaining superior sustainable customer relationships and service requires you to look at the "whole". Each and every stage of your business process should be considered. If you think of the customer as being: "people who receive our work", then within your organisation there will be numerous "customers" and "suppliers" of "work" who need to be satisfied at various stages in order for the final product or service to satisfy the end customer.

First and foremost, if you want to put customers first, you need to put staff "more first". In other words, customer service starts within your organisation. If service and relationship struggles exist within your business, these will inevitably compound and reflect negatively on the experience of your end customer.

What does Improving Customer Relationships and Service Involve?

Regardless of whether you are focusing on internal or external customers, there are 3 stages to improving customer relationships and service (when considering these stages, remember ? each applies to both internal and external customers):

1. Find out what the customer values and why

2. Gain feedback and assess your performance

3. Develop a strategy to delight and amaze your customers

Our Clients Say

A selection of comments from Customer Focus Workshops held for Fonterra:

"Excellent! I have gained a lot from this course. It has allowed me to focus and weigh up situations I have encountered. We had heaps of fun and they adjusted the course content to meet our individual needs."

"AWESOME!!! Really good content, we covered a huge amount. Tailored to our needs. Facilitators both hard-cases. It makes a big difference when learning if the lecturers are interesting and fun to listen to."

"It was very good. I got some quite in-depth knowledge on how to approach different situations. Flowed well. Covered what I wanted to know. Really easy going, fun, attentive. I will be recommending it for other staff. Excellent for the internal customer relationship that staff forget."

"Very customer oriented for our needs. Fun. Serious when needed. It was good how we could learn about what we wanted to know. Really good advice on how to handle certain situations/ people and myself!!"

"Will definitely put the skills into practice and share them with my staff. Tutors were fun, committed, changed course for participant level. Both have excellent style of relating, good knowledge/experience of the topics."

"A good mix of practical, brainstorming, and handouts. Kept the course interesting and covered a wide range of subjects. Were able to pass on their message to a wide range of staff at different levels. Very valuable. I can?t imagine anyone not getting something out of this course. Really good for new staff as well - to make them realise that everyone is their customer."

A selection of comments from Customer Focus Workshops held for IHC Managers:

"Fun, exciting, dynamic process. Content delivered was balanced, made sense, relevant to our services. Basically a paradigm shift. I take away a ?Can Do? attitude and am solution focussed. Well worthwhile. I would recommend it go further."

"Brilliant, informative, well-planned presentation. Facilitators? knowledge about subject clearly showed they knew their stuff. I find their relaxed teaching style enables me to be responsive and positive."

"Very well presented. Nice relaxed style. Excellent knowledge of topic. Excellent information and support. Informative, well presented workbooks. Solution focus very helpful. Can do attitude more than useful. All levels of staff should do this workshop! Lots of handy hints."

"Subtle and effective. Very professional. Brilliant. Absolutely relavent/necessary. I?m glad I came. A must for all new employees to give them a vision focus and who is the ?customer?. Well-needed injection of ideas. Excellent learning curve, relaxing! Had fun as well."

"?As good as it gets?. Don?t change your style. You get everyone involved. Very safe environment and facilitated in a professional balanced manner. I felt listened to and safe to speak out. I enjoyed the humorous asides and the group work. It was good to do the work we did on refocusing, being solution focussed, and moving forward."

"Awesome!! A real insight into ?self evaluation?. Excellent content. Enjoyed the ?simplistic? practical approach to QA customer focus. Have learned that people will be easier to deal with if I establish their values first. ?Can Do? attitude very worthwhile. I felt privileged to be included in the training."

"Can?t speak highly enough of both presenters. Excellent, friendly, open and humorous style. Positive facilitators who have the ?can do? attitude. Customer focus will take on a new meaning and priority. I came away with tools and ideas I can use. Very worthwhile! Thank you!"

"Great Stuff. Congratulations to you both on well presented training. Thought-provoking, stimulating, professionally presented. Concept of customer-based values is very interesting and I will certainly be working in trying to improve the relationships I need to have in order for our service to thrive."

"Energising and positive. Great skills! Both presenters compliment each other. Their style is easy, relaxed, and friendly, while having the ability to get a point across in a clear, positive way. Their knowledge and skills are excellent, with clear practical examples being both easy to understand and adopt."

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