I want to Change the Structure of my Team - How do I Go about Doing this?

Assess the Balance of your Team

How do I get the Right Mix of People in My Team?

Teams are a question of balance. Effective teams are made up of individuals with a diversity of talent and personality who balance well with one another. You need people in your teams who possess strengths or characteristics which serve a need without duplicating those already there. In that way human frailties are underpinned and strengths used to full advantage. This ensures there is always someone suitable for any task that comes up.

Assess your Existing Team

The first step is to use a psychometric test to identify the composition of your existing team. If you are creating a new team then use the physometric testing to assess the personal characteristics of the people you are considering.

Then you need to review the results to ensure that you select a team of individuals whose strengths and weaknesses will balance each other.

Identify the Gaps

Given the goals of your team and the tasks required to achieve those goals what team roles are required? Where are the gaps? Do you have an overload of people in your team competing for the same roles?

Develop a Strategy

Work with your team to develop a strategy. Match people whose strengths are best applied to the team tasks. You may find that people who are competing for the same roles, may decide to consciously take up those roles that are lacking within the team.

For example, you might discover your team lacks a Completer. The implication is that deadlines and schedules might be forgotten. It will then be necessary to appoint a member of the team regarded as having personal characteristics closest to the missing team-role to cover this aspect of the team's operation. The effect is that the likely weakness of the team will not be exposed during the task, while the team can play to it's strength.

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