Reducing Conflict and Building Cooperation

"It was like magic. The issues we were struggling with as a team were exposed without blame, pain or discomfort, and the remedies became immediately clear to us all." Inland Revenue

"You have a very special ability to bring the "best out" of our group and provide us with an understanding of the skills which we need to work at to achieve the sights we set ourselves." Bruce Buddicom, Manager Audit, Telecom

"Fantastic, with a great outcome. An important and delicate topic handled extraordinarily well, and which I now understand much better. You work very effectively as a team. Your style is very productive and helpful. Certainly got me round after being somewhat sceptical on the first day. You achieved a great result. Thanks." Gary Lewis, Chief Finance Officer, Income Support

"Very informative, very important. Extremely well constructed, formatted, and presented. I feel excited about trying to "make a difference" at Kiwi. Looking forward to a positive culture change. Very relaxed, knowledgeable, and professional presenters. Fun learning is always the best. Keep up the good work." Kiwi Co-operative Dairies Ltd

"I could not let the occasion pass without extending my thanks for your contribution to the progress of the office and to the department at a national level. You have played a major part in the development of EEO Awareness, Sexual Harassment Awareness and the EEO Discussion Workshops, all of which have been recognised nationally." Graham Holland, Commissioner, Inland Revenue Department

"Thank you for the excellent contribution you have made. You had a significant influence and been the driver in several projects which have resulted in the department being a better place to work in. You have played a major part in the development of EEO. I certainly hold you in high regard." Service Centre Manager, Inland Revenue

"One of the most notable achievements was the design of an EEO Discussion Workshop for managers to complement the considerable effort already made in training and supporting EEO Co-ordinators and liaison officers. The contribution of an EEO voice to the development of new personnel and industrial relations policies has been commendable." Deputy State Services Commissioner

"Obviously experienced. Low key, natural approach. Led us to an excellent outcome." Jackie Brown, Operational Policy Manager, Income Support

"Actually taught method, which is something often lacking in other workshops of this type. Very appropriate. Adapted as we went along. Tough when you need to be. Met the needs of the group exactly." Christine Rankin, General Manager, Income Support

"Style of facilitation very appropriate. Managed at a very comfortable pace. Ensured full participation and safety, ultimately bringing out the best in everyone." Ray Smith, Service Delivery Manager, Income Support

"Good observers, Gave control to the group. Focussed and a learning experience. Dealt with the issues and provided a framework for us to move forward." Graeme Carruthers, National Debt Manager, Income Support

"Very non threatening, good observations. Very effective in working a group of people. Good content and useful material to take away. The workshop was very worthwhile. The results are now up to the Team." Joan McQuay, Income Support

"Worked extremely well for our group. Observant, flexible, able to quickly change to meet the needs of the group. The process was revealing and people were invited/coaxed to make themselves vulnerable. The process was also truthful. The result of this course is a much stronger, closer group. I will certainly recommend the facilitators." Helene Quilter, Corporate Relations Manager, Income Support

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