How do I Manage a Dispute with an Employee?

Assess your Dispute Prevention and Resolution Environment

What is a Dispute?

This is where an employer and employee can't agree about what an employment agreement means or how it should be interpreted, how it should be applied, or how it should operate.

Who can Initiate Dispute Proceedings?

Any person bound by the employment agreement or any party to the agreement may pursue the dispute.

If the dispute relates to a collective agreement, the person or party pursuing the dispute must ensure that all union and employer parties to the agreement have notice of the existence of the dispute.

How do I Initiate Dispute Proceedings?

Disputes should be directed to the Employment Relations Infoline at in the first instance.

You will need to fill out a Statement of Problem form - explaining in ordinary language (there is no need to use legal terms) what the problem is, what the facts are and how you would like the problem to be resolved. Send the form to the Authority together with an application fee of $70.00.

The Authority will send a copy of the statement to the other party who then has 14 days to provide a Statement of Reply - their version of what the problem is and what has been done to try and resolve it.

Once the Authority has this information they will investigate the dispute. This could involve:

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