How do I Stop Bullying in the Workplace?

Assess your Workplace Systems and Climate

In terms of the Employment Relations, Human Rights, and Health and Safety Acts, employers are required to take all practicable steps to protect employees from harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Employers need to:

Employers must demonstrate, not only by policy, but also example, that harassment, discrimination and/or bullying is neither appropriate, nor tolerated.

Why Stop Bullying in your Workplace?

Bullies do a lot of damage in organisations, they:

Don't tolerate bullying in your business. It's too costly. By not stopping the bullying, you are missing an excellent recruitment and retention edge.

Jump Business Solutions have significant experience in working with organisations to develop policies, procedures, and support structures that provide for a safe and healthy environment, free from harassment, discrimination and/or bullying.

Our approach is holistic, and attends to the rights and responsibilities of all concerned. All processes associated with influencing workplace behaviour are reviewed; e.g. recruitment, induction, codes of practice and conduct, training, incident reporting, disciplinary procedures, etc.

We will work with your organisation to ensure that all policies and procedures ?fit? with and endorse your values and principles.

Our Clients Say

Jump Business Solutions has undertaken consultancy and developed solutions for Kensington Swan Lawyers, Waitakere City Council, Fonterra, Kiwi Co-Operative Dairies, Inland Revenue, Waikato District Council.

A sample of comments from our participants at workshops follows:

"Very good. I was surprised at how little I knew before the course. I appreciated the light-hearted style of the facilitators - very skilled at making the group feel comfortable with each other. For a very complex issue, learning was fun. Well done and thank you!"

"Great, especially the 'actioning a complaint' and the way you picked up on everyone's skills so quickly. A big leap forward in knowledge. Always have heaps of fun and learn lots from these ladies!"

"Very relaxed and inspiring. A very useful experience. I gained a lot of knowledge from this course. Facilitators' knowledge of subject material and related acts was excellent and detailed."

"They kept my attention, and the same for the group. Actioning a complaint was particularly effective. I valued the feedback/round-table session."

"Very informative, very important. Extremely well constructed, formatted, and presented. I feel excited about trying to 'make a difference' at Kiwi. Looking forward to a positive culture change."

"Very relaxed, knowledgeable, and professional presenters. Fun learning is always the best. Keep up the good work. Extremely worthwhile."

"A huge learning curve Without this level of training, I don't believe I could become at all competent as the contact person, but on completion of the course, I am looking forward to opportunities that may be presented to me, whereby I can offer support and opportunities to fellow workers in need."

"An excellent, informative, and enjoyable course to have been on, especially considering the complex subject and lack of clear cut "right-wrong" situations caused by human characteristic differences (feelings/actions/beliefs/ideals). A spin-off gain for me personally from this course, is a definite increase in my people skills."

"I have always considered myself to be aware in relation to the needs of others, but this course opened my eyes to a number of peoples needs which previously, I hadn't really considered.Very worthwhile."

"Mind stretching. Essential for my position, helped me understand the process. A must for contact support people and investigators."

"Very positive, relaxed, and congenial approach. Excellent skills at creating and facilitating the situational exercise - enabled and encouraged all participants to be involved, and ensured everyone received feedback. A great workshop - thanks."

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