How do I Develop a Win-Win Approach to Business Relationships?

Assess your Approach

What is a Win-Win Approach?

The win-win approach is about changing the conflict from adversarial attack and defence, to co-operation. It is a powerful shift of attitude that alters the whole course of communication. A win-win approach requires you to express your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and opinions in ways that are direct, honest and appropriate. It also means respecting the rights and needs of others. (I'M OK - YOU'RE OK)

What are the Benefits of a Win-Win Approach?

A win-win approach attempts to find a solution that meets the needs of both parties. I win AND you win. Where both people win, both are tied to the solution. They feel committed to the solution because it actually suits them.

How do I Develop a Win-Win Approach?

Focus on Needs not Solutions

Begin by discussing underlying needs, rather than only looking at solutions. Using a win-win approach can help two sets of needs to dovetail together.

Addressing each person's underlying needs means you build solutions that acknowledge and value those needs, rather than denying them. Even where solutions cannot be "perfect", the person feels quite differently about the outcome.

Ask questions like "Why does that seem to be the best solution to you?", "What's your real need here?", "What interests need to be served in this situation?", "What values are important to you here?", "What's the outcome or result you want?"

This approach leads to opportunities for you to say what you need and for other people to say what they need too. It creates the foundation for co-operative problem-solving.

A win-win approach rests on strategies involving:

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