Communicating Effectively in Business

"FCF Land Group administers lease/ forestry right agreements. We engaged Jump to independently illicit impartial, unprejudiced research of customer opinion, measure our performance, and identify areas where our service to customers could be improved. The target audience (our customers) included both individual and Maori trust land-owners, as well as our own staff.

A variety of survey methods were used to best appeal to each target audience (written, phone interview, collective meetings). The outcomes and recommendations enabled us to measure our performance in relation to customer expectations and to to better understand our customers’ requirements, further develop effective relationships, and improve tangible job performance." Manager Land Management Group, Fletcher Challenge Forests

"We were really impressed with the response rate to our customer survey, and the results enabled us to clearly focus on what our customers liked about what we do. It was great get validation of what we do well."

"The results also provided very clear direction for future planning and improvement Jump worked alongside us to facilitate subsequent planning and staff buy-in. It was really motivating and creative." Peak Plants

"An excellent, informative, and enjoyable course to have been on, especially considering the complex subject and lack of clear cut “right-wrong” situations caused by human characteristic differences (feelings/actions/beliefs/ideals). A spin-off gain for me personally from this course, is a definite increase in my “people skills”. I have always considered myself to be ‘aware’ in relation to the ‘needs of others’, but this course opened my eyes to a number of peoples ‘needs’ which previously, I hadn’t really considered." Waikato District Council

"The Trainers were excellent – clear, patient and fun. I will be able to incorporate the skills in my everyday work environment. Will be vital to interviews. I feel capable of passing the skills to other workers. The self-paced learning was ideal."

"Excellent. Great tools to take away!! Great for self-esteem. Really helpful in dealing with staff issues. I’d go on another one without any hesitation – and I wouldn’t always say that about training. Great sense of humour – helps to relax. Positive feedback was great."

"A must for everyone. Really learnt a lot - a lot of practical skills. Content clear and information valuable. For me the course allowed free expression. We are fortunate to have such qualified tutors."

"Innovative and interesting presentation. Very valuable. Great way of learning. Excellent learning tools. Will use extensively in my work. Excellent coaching, Good positive reinforcement and support from facilitators."

"Excellent. A great experience! I am very glad I was able to attend. All management and staff should attend this training. Everyone will learn something from this. I did not hear one negative comment. Everybody enjoyed the course and learned from it, and there was a real sense of camaraderie. The facilitators were extremely committed to ensuring every individual had grasped each skill. They spared no quarter. Excellent interaction within group."

"I enjoyed the pace. It was a lot of fun. As a student I found I suited this style of training and assessment. Facilitators were professional and relaxed - excellent in drawing out our skills. Well done ladies. Thanks a million."

"Very beneficial. Actually having to DO the work to pass, rather than just absorbing information. Excellent feedback on work we did. Excellent consultants - very highly skilled. I would love to train again with same tutors, and the same style of educating - great work."

"Will be helpful in all aspects of life. I found the self paced learning process very comfortable, coupled with the use of audio and video equipment - made the learning relevant and realistic. The tutors were excellent, providing appropriate guidance and support. Thank-you."

"Invaluable in helping me when recruiting new staff. I will take away many practical skills I can apply in my day-to-day work. I valued the constructive feedback. One of the better courses I have attended. I would recommend it to others."

"Awesome. Very worthwhile. Skills learned will save me time and a lot of unnecessary talking to get a point across. The process was non-threatening and enjoyable, particularly the self paced style used. The use of video and audio equipment made it focussed and relevant."

"Excellent. Good practical skills. Highlighted personal deficits and enhanced my skill levels. Challenging, but very encouraging. Awake all day! A challenge to your inhibitions. Highly skilled tutors."

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