Inspiring People to Achieve

"Excellent. Well planned and relevant. Learnt a lot in terms of performance/non-performance management and coaching sessions. The practical approach "doing it" was excellent and thought provoking. Helped me identify areas where I need to strengthen on management." IHC Manager

"On a personal basis it increased my confidence in coaching, performance management and the disciplinary process. Relaxed and informative. Tutors related well to group and individuals." IHC Manager

"Excellent workshop, great tutors, enjoyable, very worthwhile. Well done! Performance management is such a vital day to day function. This course seemed to enhance all levels of skills. Recommend to all in any type of management position." Inland Revenue Manager

"Great, especially the ‘actioning a complaint’ and the way you picked up on everyone’s skills so quickly. A big leap forward in knowledge. Always have heaps of fun and learn lots from these ladies!" Kiwi Co-operative Dairies Ltd

"Excellent. Extremely valuable for all managers. Liked the relaxed style. Encouraging, empowering for the learner. Increased my desire to do better. Role play excellent, great fun and a great way to learn.Very worthwhile."

"Very useful skills learnt. Facilitators - knowledge was consistent - well informed, very down to earth and professional. Applied everything back to our organisation. Covered 'applying' the procedure, which I thought was excellent The videoing was especially good, seeing and hearing us as others see us!"

"Facilitators created a challenging, but also non-threatening learning environment Shared new thinking in a stimulating humorous way."

"Presenters friendly, great senses of humour, clear and easy to listen to. Relaxed fun style. Were able to demonstrate knowledge through giving own experiences. Valued each participants views. Good opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment, and put learning into practice."

"Being able to work at your own pace was of benefit. I never felt under pressure. Despite some initial apprehension, the videoing was useful in being able to observe how I personally functioned. Extremely worthwhile. Gave me insight. Identified procedure I have done wrong before."

"Excellent workshop.Very beneficial. Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Facilitators had the ability to make the group feel comfortable enough to discuss any issue. Excellent skills and knowledge base. Being able to critique self on video is worthwhile learning."

"Excellent. Conducting a coaching session was extremely valuable - prefer this 'integrated' use of skills learnt rather than individual skills tested in isolation. Good progression, non-threatening approach to each section. Facilitators really neat people, switched on, very understanding, offered a lot of support, great feedback and encouragement. Thank you."

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