What is the Best Method of Appraising my Staff?

Assess your Feedback Effectiveness

What is Appraisal?

An appraisal is the formal part of an ongoing feedback process. There are three ways in which you can give feedback to a person:

How do I Give Effective Informal Feedback?

It is tempting to only give feedback when something goes wrong, but you should also give feedback when something goes WELL.

To be effective, feedback should be given as soon after the event as is possible.

Feedback is most appreciated when it is asked for.

How do I Give Effective Formal Feedback?

Types of Formal Feedback

Formal Coaching Sessions

A formal coaching session is where you and the employee sit down together to analyse and discuss how the person is progressing, and to see if any further support is required.

Jump Business Solutions recommends that formal coaching sessions be conducted on a regular basis - dependent on how often the staff member requests or needs it. The newer they are at a job, or the less comfortable they are - the more often you will need to hold a coaching session.

Companies that have brought in a coaching culture report significant benefits that include:

360 Degree Appraisals

Coaching sessions should be followed up by a formal performance review - preferably one that involves a collecting information from peers, reporting staff, coworkers, customers, and supervisors - called 360 degree feedback.

Well-managed, well-integrated 360 degree feedback processes have the following benefits:

Effective Formal Feedback

Effective Formal Feedback involves the following processes:

During the coaching or appraisal session, for it to be effective you need to:

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