How do I Stop Managers/Supervisors from Doing Everything Themselves? How do I Get them to Delegate?

Assess Barriers to Delegation

What is Delegation?

Delegating involves a supervisor/manager working with an employee to establish goals, granting them sufficient authority and responsibility to achieve the goals, often giving them substantial freedom in deciding how the goals will be achieved, remaining available as a resource to help them achieve the goals, assessing their performance (the quality of their effort and attainment of the goals), addressing performance issues and/or rewarding their performance.

The supervisor/manager still retains responsibility for the attainment of the goals, but chooses to achieve the goals by delegating to someone else.

What are the Benefits of Delegation?

Effective delegation can benefit the manager, the employee, and the business.

Personal Benefits

Business Benefits:

Why Don't People Delegate?

Although delegation can provide benefits to the business, many managers lack the motivation or knowledge to delegate effectively, and thus delegation (or lack of delegation) may be detrimental to the business.

Managers' lack of motivation to delegate may be associated with a number of fallacies associated with delegations:

Managers may lack the competencies necessary to delegate effectively, they may:

How do I Support my Manager to Delegate?

Use your coaching skills to identify the barriers to performance.

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