How do I Develop my Leaders and Staff?

Assess Staff Development Readiness

What is Staff Development?

Staff development is the cumulative result of day-to-day interactions between the manager and the staff. It is a continuous process that takes place over a long period of time. It requires patience and a long-range perspective. The most critical factor in developing staff is to create an environment in which cooperation, communication, and an open exchange of ideas can take place.

Managers should keep in mind that talented people may leave the organisation even if their salary is adequate. Staff often need new challenges to keep them stimulated and satisfied with their jobs. It is the manager's responsibility to recognise their potential and provide them with new opportunities.

What are the Benefits of Developing Staff and Leaders?

Learning is vital to today's world. Everyone needs to keep up with technological and market changes. Businesses who develop the careers of their people, benefit in the following ways:

How do I Develop My People?

The first step is a to undertake an assessment or appraisal to understand how well an employee is performing in their current role. It also identifies, at the earliest point possible, where and when an employee needs or is ready for further formal development, or if they have reached a level to increase the scope of their contribution to the employer.

The 360-degree appraisal which takes input from their manager, peers, internal customers, and more junior staff gives a more rounded appraisal. It also reinforces a consensual and less hierarchical culture.

There are many opportunities to improve the performance, motivation, and ability of staff through on-the-job and off-the-job techniques. These techniques include:

Employing the above techniques alone, will not necessarily ensure that staff will be motivated to participate in activities for self-development. You must also provide incentives to employees by offering opportunities for projects, promotions and transfers, so that employee skills are matched to appropriate jobs and they have the opportunity to use their abilities to their fullest potential.

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