How do I add Humour to the Workplace?

Assess your Workplace Humour and Health

What are the Benefits of having Fun in Your Workplace?

When we laugh, we retain more than 80% of the information learned. Laughter enables people to be flexible and creative in high-risk, change-racked environments. It eases stress and increases productivity under pressure.

Humour and fun in your workplace:

How does Laughter Benefit You?

Humour and laughter for therapeutic value are being increasingly recognised today throughout the world. More than 70 per cent of illnesses have some relation to stress. High blood pressure, heart disease, depression, insomnia, migraine, anxiety, allergies, peptic ulcers - the list goes on. Laughter reduces the release of stress related hormones and aids in relaxation.

Laughter benefits you physically by:

Laughter benefits you mentally as it:

Laughter benefits you emotionally by:

How do I Create Humour in the Workplace?

Lead the Way

Be proactive with your health and laugh more. A rule that successful leaders follow is ó the only thing you can change is yourself.

Inspire Fun in Others - Become a Catalyst

Encourage others to engage in fun-loving activities and lead by example. Do something that will be fun. And take some risks!

Create an Environment which Encourages Fun

Music, bright colours and toys are good to relieve stress. Create surprise by changing things around regularly.

Celebrate the Benefits of Fun

Every successful cause has a champion. Become fun-atical about recognizing fun when you see it. If you reward fun, it will reward you. Be a fun-cilitator!

Remove Barriers to Fun

Make it your goal to find and remove those things and those people that inhibit the free flow of fun.

Look for the Humour in your Situation

Be the person who laughs when things look bleak. Remember "Laughing with others is an ice breaker while laughing at others is an ice maker."

Be Spontaneous

Donít wait for fun to find you or for the perfect moment; make fun happen when you need it.

Donít Postpone your Fun

Fun isnít a reward; itís the lubricant which gets things done easily and effectively. Make fun a regular part of your daily routine.

Make Fun Inclusive

The first rule of fun has always been, the more the merrier. Fun isnít a private club, itís for sharing.

Smile. And laugh. A lot.

When you say ďhiĒ with a smile, youíll find people smile back. It takes no special skill and costs nothing.

Become known as "Fun-lovingĒ

Make it your personal mission to infuse fun into everything you do. Everyone will want to be on your team.

Put Fun into Action.

Just begin. Make the commitment and watch it unfold before your eyes.

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