How can I Help a New Leader?

Assess Leadership Skills

What is Leadership?

Leadership is the Art of getting people to perform a Task Willingly.

What is makes an Effective Leader?

An effective leader:

Encourages Others

They emphasise the strengths and contributions of their people, not their own. They don't try to do it all themselves. Neither do they motivate by force or guilt. They encourage others and help bring out their best.

Promotes a Vision

They have the capacity to create or catch vision. They give people a clear idea of where they're leading them, and ensure they understand why that goal is valuable to them.

Treats People Well

Treat their people the way you enjoy being treated. An abusive leader attracts few loyal followers.

Admits their Mistakes

If leaders cover up their errors, their people willl hide their mistakes, too, and you'll lack valuable information for making decisions.

Listens to Others

They take time to listen to the suggestions and concerns of those they endeavor to lead.

Criticise Others Only in Private to the Person Concerned

Public praise encourages others to excel, but public criticism only embarrasses and alienates everyone.

Is Assertive

They say what needs to be said without being unkind. They tell the truth as they see it, openly and frankly.

Stays Close to the Action

They are highly visible to the members of your organization. They talk to people, visit other offices and work sites, ask questions, and observe how business is being handled.

Makes a Game of Competition

They use people's competitive drive appropriately. They set team goals, and reward members who meet or exceed them. Examine their failures, and celebrate their team's success.

Acts Decisively

They know what needs to be done and they make timely, even difficult, decisions when necessary. But they can also take charge without running over the people in their lives.

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