How do I Facilitate Effective Meetings?

Assess the Effectiveness of your Meetings

Effective meetings have a clear purpose and agenda, start and end on time, encourage participation and feedback, participants stay focused on relevant issues, have timely minutes that include action points and are distributed to all interested parties.

A selection of comments from our public workshops on meeting management:

"A wonderful course to be on. Full of surprises. PEG (peer evaluation groups) were a great idea for support and feedback – opportunity to release inner self. Gives you a chance to learn weaknesses/learn where you can improve. Facilitators very supportive and conducted course with great foresight."

"Gold-rating course. A thoroughly enjoyable and emotion-sharing experience. I learned a lot about ‘me’ and areas where further development will help me become more effective. Facilitators’ tops. Wonderful ladies who I admire and respect very much. Thank you."

"Expertly delivered by well-equipped facilitators who made the learning process a pleasure. Well done! The most positive aspect was the group sharing and supporting each other. I now have every confidence."

"Most important for me was learning to listen and ways of ensuring everyone has an opportunity to contribute. I now feel quite confident. Excellent facilitators. Demonstrated how important a sense of humour is. I didn’t want the course to finish!"

"A great confidence-builder for each trainee. Each person’s psyche was massaged, not once, but several times. A pleasure to have facilitators who were not only experienced in the process, but also such great role models to follow."

"Very valuable communication and social skills. This course is the best I have ever attended. The flexible learning methods and attitudes gave me a new and enlightening outlook on training/learning. Stretched my abilities. I have gained a lot both personally and work-wise."

"Excellent. A clearly constructed package. I feel I have been stretched a long way in the past few days. Taught me about myself both professionally and personally. Now more positive and confident in my ability. I haven’t had so much fun in ages!"

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