How can I Help a New Person into an Existing Team?

Assess your Current Integration Processes

Why is Bringing in a New Team Member Important?

Sometimes, bringing in a new team member will refresh the team but great care must be taken before taking this step because it can entirely alter the team dynamics. The greatest havoc comes when a team is unable to integrate new people. It can be disruptive to introduce new capabilities and personalities to an established and well functioning group. With each addition, the group's requirements for communication grow exponentially. The addition of even one new member requires that the entire team regroup and rebond, finding new ways of working and ultimately recreating their dynamics and working style. Without taking time and effort to integrate a new team member, the new member may (and indeed, often does) flounder, become isolated, create conflict or worse.

How can I Effectively Integrate a New Team Member?

There are three phases:


Take time to gather the documents and resources they will require. Ensure the team is aware in advance that a new team member will be joining them. Send a simple memo welcoming the new team member and sharing pertinent details (where they came from, what they do, their credentials, where they are based, etc.) prior to the first meeting

Initial Meeting


Regularly assess how the team is performing in the three areas:

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